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International Master Business Mathematics


The University of Munich (LMU), the University of Evry (UEVE) and the University of Bologna (UNIBO) jointly offer a double degree program called International Master in Business Mathematics, which enables students from the three universities to study abroad for a period of one or two semesters at the partner universities and to obtain a double or triple (depending on the student's track) degree: Laurea Magistrale in Quantitative Finance of UNIBO, Master Degree in Financial and Insurance Mathematics of LMU and/or Master Degree Ingénierie Mathématique Spécialité Ingénierie Financière of UEVE.

How to apply

Students applying for the International Master Business Mathematics will be selected by each university according to their own criteria and modalities based on academic merit, past work, extracurricular experiences, as well as a demonstration of strong motivation to participate in the program.
Students from LMU who want to attend the course of study of the multiple degree program at UNIBO or at UEVE must be enrolled in the Master Financial and Insurance Mathematics of the LMU and must have adequate knowledge of the English language (equivalent to CEFR level B2). In order to apply, please send your CV and a letter of motivation together with an updated Transcript of Records of your Master and Bachelor study program to by January 31 of every year.

  • Incoming students visiting the LMU
    Applicant students from UNIBO and UEVE, who have been successfully selected to take part in the program, must send the following documents to francesca.biagini@math.lmu.deby January 15 of every year:
    • Application form
    • An official, certified translation of the university qualifying documents (documents in Danish, Dutch, English, French, Icelandic, Italian, Catalonian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian or Latin need not to be translated)
    • An official, certified copy of your university qualifying examination certificate and of the university certificate and diplomas in the language of the country in which the documents(s) were issued, together with official, certified translations of all documents
    • It is necessary that applicants from the following countries present a formal evaluation of academic equivalency issued by the Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle für den Freistaat Bayern (Office of Academic Credential Recognition of the Free State of Bavaria) Pündterplatz 5, 80803 München, Tel: 089 - 38 38 49-0: Georgia, Cameroun, Afghanistan, IB (International Baccalaureate)- holders. This applies also for US-Education (except Bachelor Degree). Applicants from China, Mongolia and Vietnam need to present the original of the APS evaluation issued by the "Akademische Prüfstelle bei der Deutschen Botschaft" (APS)
    • A curriculum vitae up to date of application
    • If applicable, a marriage certificate or offical name change document
    • If the applicant has studied at a German university: documentation about the study program
  • Outgoing students visiting UNIBO
  • Outgoing students visiting UEVE
For all inquires except for the formal application which are not answered on this page, please contact the student advisor

Tuition fee waiver

Students participating in the MDP will enrol and pay the required enrolment fee at their home university (the university of first enrolement). Studens will have to pay the diploma fee at the host university if any. All other charges, including health insurance, shall be borne by the students themselves.

How to request the final Diploma

Visiting students at the LMU are required to formally request their Diploma for the International Master in Financial and Insurance Mathematics providing the following documents:

  • the "final and complete transcript of records" from the own home university;
  • the "final diploma" from the own home university;
to Prof. Dr. Francesca Biagini (see the following link).
For incoming students from Paris Saclay/ENSIEE: Please provide us with the date of your last exam and final grade expressed as a numerical value.

Outgoing LMU students need to clarify the procedure how to obtain the final International Master Diploma at the respective host university.

Before your stay at the host university

Please prepare the list of courses you want to attend before your stay in the respective learning agreements. The following resources are provided at the LMU Munich, the Mathematical Institute and the Financial Mathematics Workgroup in order to browse the available courses:

  • Central course register LSF, see the link
  • All courses provided by the Mathematical Institute, see the link
  • All courses provided by the Financial Mathematics Workgroup, see the link
Furthermore, before your stay and at the time of enrollment, it is very important to activate the respective campus user accounts and check whether it is also working. At the LMU, a campus user account is necessary to access all online course materials. After your enrollment at the LMU you will receive a letter from the IT-Servicedesk with your first time login credentials and first steps to activate the account. In case you lost that letter you can apply for a new one at the IT-Servicedesk by sending an email request describing your issue and including your "Matrikelnummer", matriculation number.

How to find the course websites

The course web sites can be found through the following resources:

  • Central course register LSF, see the link
  • All courses provided by the Mathematical Institute, see the link
  • All courses provided by the Financial Mathematics Workgroup, see the link
Most courses descriptions link from the above resources to the following services that host the course material:
If you have no campus account yet, please read the instructions in the section "Before your stay at the host university"?

Further information