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GrEnFIn Pilot Class

GrEnFIn project description

A new job stems from the green economy revolution: the Sustainable Energy Expert, who supports businesses in strategizing their energy policies in order to become greener without compromising their financial soundness.
The GrEnFIn – Greening Energy Market and Finance - European Erasmus + Project aims to create a university curriculum to train this new professional figure. Such an expert is expected to benefit from a robust knowledge on green economy, energy markets, climate science and new production and IT technologies, complemented with a solid background in mathematical finance. For this reason, a multidisciplinary approach is essential in implementing such an ambitious programme.
A network of 14 institutions both from the industry and from the academia, leaded by the University of Bologna (Unibo), has been set up so that every partner can offer its main strengths to the formation of the student. Students will be able to visit two or more universities around Europe in order to build and wide to their background in different areas.
The Workgroup Financial Mathematics at LMU takes part to the project offering to the students its long and extensive experience in the teaching of stochastic calculus, risk management and numerical methods for financial mathematics, with a new eye to “green” applications.

The GrEnFIn Pilot Class

This new GrEnFIn curriculum will start in the Winter Semester 2022/2023, but already next Winter Semester 2021/2022 a one year long pilote class will take place, dedicated to students of Unibo, LMU and the University of Economics in Katowice. Students of the Master Financial and Insurance Mathematics at LMU have to possibility to take part to the GrEnFIn Pilot Class in two ways: they can spend one semester as Erasmus students in Bologna, where they will do a master thesis on some related topics during the Summer Semester 2022, or remain in Munich and presenting a Learning Agreement with at least 30 credits proposed by the GrEnFIn Pilot Class. In both cases, students will be able to follow courses and seminars of the topics that are the chore of the GrEnFIN project, possibly also given by associate partners from the industry working on these fields.

How to apply

Students enrolled in the Master Financial and Insurance Mathematics of the LMU can apply to partecipate to the GrEnFIn Pilot Class. In particular:

  • Students applying for the GrEnFIn Pilot class that intend to spend the full time in Munich must write an e-mail to in order to discuss the study plan and in particular the 30 credits that have to be chosen accordingly to the pilot class programme. The deadline is Sunday, the 16th of May.
  • Students willing to spend one semester in Bologna have to apply for the Erasmus Programme, by January 31 2021. For all the relevant information about how to apply follow please the following link.

Study plan for the students of UNIBO coming to LMU in the Winter Term 2021/22

Students must get a total number of 30 ECTS (21 from the Mandatory courses + 9 from the Elective courses).

Name of the course Mandatory (M) /Elective (E) ECTS
Stochastic Calculus and Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time M 9
Computational Finance and its Object Oriented Implementation M 9
GrEnFIn Topics (GrEnFIn Seminar or Öffentliches Finanzmarktrecht) M 3
Topics from Statistics E 9
Microeconomics E 6
Macroeconomics E 6
Econometrics E 6
Mathematical Seminar E 3

 Study plan for the students of LMU going to UNIBO in the Summer Term 2022

Name of the course Mandatory (M) /Elective (E) ECTS
Credit Risk and Climate Change E 6
Asset Management and Transition Risk E 6
Intensive Program in Energy Market E 6
Smart Grids for Smart Cities E 6

Students also have the possibility to write their Master Thesis at UNIBO.

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