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Courses Approved by the Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung (DAV)

DAV Actuarial Studies

The German Actuarial Association (DAV) offers an education program at the end of which the successful candidates are DAV approved actuaries. The aim of the actuarial education is to teach and qualify the potential actuaries to apply the state of the art techniques of risk assessment in insurance industry. Based on these skills the actuar plays a fundamental role in the decision making process in any insurance related business. The DAV education program at the LMU Department of Mathematics is organized by the Workgroup Financial and Insurance Mathematics and provides mathematical courses which are required to earn the actuaries degree within the educational program of the DAV. The courses are DAV approved and held by external lecturers with profound practical experience. These courses recommended for students aiming to become actuaries in Germany.

More information about the DAV

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Approval of Credits in Stochastics/ Statistics for the actuarial education program

Please contact Prof. Dr. Francesca Biagini (correspondent of the DAV at the LMU Mathematics Department). To evaluate achievements in Stochastics/ Statistics, we need a copy of the diploma and certificates of all classes, as well as a list of courses containing date/semester, name of the lecturer and list of contents (complying with examination regulations PO 3.3 of the DAV).




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