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Program Mentoring Wirtschaftsmathematik (Supplementary Exercises)

In the current summer term 2015 the Workgroup Financial Mathematics again offers the program Mentoring Wirtschaftsmathematik to all first year students of the bachelor degree business mathematics (Wirtschaftsmathematik). Within this program, the students are provided well educated assistants and students of higher semesters of the Mathematics institute who, at weekly appointments, are available for questions, assistance and explanations within the subjects Analysis and Lineare Algebra.

In order to strengthen the lectures’ basic concepts which are important for any further course of studies, the students may e.g. ask for useful hints regarding exercise sheets or explanations to various topics of the lectures. Of course the mentors are also available for other questions regarding the new course of studies.

The responsible program coordinators and main reference persons are Andreas Groll and Hannes Hoffmann.

The course starts in the first week of the semester. The weekly appointment is:

  • Thu 12:15 to 13:45 (Theresienstr. 39, Room A 027)

       Tutors: Robert Valta & Robert Bildl

In view of the degree’s challenges the Workgroup Financial Mathematics warmly recommends every first/second semester student to join this program. We also warmly recommend that students contact the assistants via E-mail (at best some days before the lessons), if they have more extensive questions. Then the assistants can better prepare useful material for special topics. Note that Robert Bildl prefers questions concerning Analysis, while Robert Valta prefers questions concerning Linear Algebra.