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Forschungstutorium Finanzmathematik

Prof. Dr. T. Meyer-Brandis

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  • Please note: On 9/6/2011, 16/6/2011 and 30/6/2011, guest lectures on "Special Topics in Mathematical Finance" (abstract) will be held by Prof. Hans Föllmer. Another guest lecture on "Spatial Multiscale Chemical Reaction Networks" (abstract) will be held by Prof. Peter Pfaffelhuber.
  • This tutorial primarily addresses Master and Diploma students that are  currently writing a thesis in financial and insurance mathematics. The  tutorial is organized as a series of talks during which students are  supposed to present the problems and results of their works. Further,  the tutorial provides a stimulating discussion forum about current  research topics and open problems in financial and insurance mathematics  and intends to foster open discussions in order to develop new ideas and  solutions.
  • The tutorial will be held in English. Previous knowledge in Financial Mathematics I to III is recommended.
  • Every lecture should take about 45-60 minutes, and if possible should be held in English. We provide sample slides (RAR, 197KB) for Latex Beamerclass,  if you are not familiar with this format you may check this tutorial.