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quantLab Tools and Technology Tutorium

Supplementary exercises on various IT tools
(Java, Eclipse IDE, subversion, etc.)

Schedule and Venue

Roland Bachl

Dates and Times:
Monday 10.30 - 12.45

First session:

Friday 16th April, 10-12

Online (zoom)

Note: due to a conflict with the Java programming session, the Tutorium of Monday 19th April is anticipated to Friday 16th April at 10, directly after the lecture.

Note: due to the current situation, the Tutorium will be held online.

Note: These supplementary exercises accompany the lecture Numerical Methods for Financial Mathematics but are also open to other students with questions concerning quantLab IT technology.

Tutorial Description

These supplementary exercises serve as hands-on programming sessions. During these sessions, the students may work on the weekly exercise problems or the mid term project and ask help from the instructor. Students who are participating in the lecture are highly advised to attend these supplementary exercises also because some topics for the lectures and exercises may be reviewed when further clarification is needed.

    Support will be provided on the IT tools, for e.g.:
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Git repositories
  • The finmath Java library
  • Working with Obba and spreadsheets